Sheriff Department

Our Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District Sheriff Deputies are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our citizens through professionally supported and trained police officers. Our Deputies strive to provide an environment that will allow citizens to live and work in a safe and secure community. Our Officers are deputized through the Brown County Sheriff's Department and have full arrest and officer capabilities.

If you are witnessing a crime in progress or are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

Our CSCD Sheriff Deputies

Deputy Jimmy Green

6 Years with the CSCD - 21 years of experience in law enforcement

Deputy Zacc Sheppard

1 year with THE CSCD - 3 years of experience in law enforcement

Deputy Oliver Hitz

Less Than 1 year with the cscd


We have many Brown County Sheriff Deputies that assist the CSCD with Emergency Response and Patrols.

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Non-Emergency Sheriff Dispatch
Brown County

Brown County

Group Members

CSCD Deputy
Jimmy Green

CSCD Deputy
Zacc Sheppard

CSCD Deputy
Oliver Hitz